♥ Ru on Monday, November 15, 2010

Is life really that challenging?

I believes that everything does happen for a reason. Without challenges, would you still be able to appreciate your peaceful and smooth sailing days more? If everyday is smooth sailing and great, you are very blessed then. In life, sometimes, there's up and sometimes, there's down. And it goes on...

Without all the ups and downs of life, it wouldn't have been this fun and enjoyable when you are at the up portion of life. When you are at the bottom of life, it's really not the time to feel despair because it's just the universe testing your intentions and setting you up to achieve something greater in life! Once you overcome that, you will then understand why it happens when you look back one day.

Cheer up and move on! Jiayou!


  1. Roger said...:

    There seems to be a pattern that most people need to go through to achieve success in life which goes through the process from DREAM --> STRUGGLE --> VICTORY.

    However, many people try to go directly from DREAM --> VICTORY which is a lot harder in my opinion.

  1. Ru said...:

    Actually, I felt that a lot of people are actually in the Dream --> Implement / Struggle --> Give up. When perhaps they might just be 1 more step towards Success.

    Everything can be implemented, it's probably just about whether we know how to do it or not, and whether is it really worth our time I guess...