♥ Ru on Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kind Soul @ Borders

I'm blessed to have met a kind soul in borders that gave me his seat when he was about to leave the area, just 'cos he saw me sitting on the floor. Haha. 

Didn't catch much sleep today as I slept quite late last night, while trying to rush out my stuff, and there's an early morning meeting today. But at least, I've got to rest a bit, sitting down and thinking through my future plans. Now having some food at McDonald's and updating my blog. 

Looking forward to tonight's networking event in which for the 1st time, I'm part of the committee in organizing an event, almost from scratch. Doing the logo design, tee shirt design and ticket design. Then being the MC of today but I still haven't really practice much. After going through once yesterday, reading from script, I really need to pray for everything to go as smoothly as yesterday. For once, I'm able to speak in a confident and fearless manner yesterday but with more people today, I can't be sure. Still I look forward to the event, as I've got 5 supportive friends that will be joining us in the event tonight. :D Thanks!!


  1. Sam said...:

    Hi Pei Ru, you have done a GREAT job! Thanks for all the creative work, including the tag line!

    Do share with us your new walk tonight. Haha! Cheers!

  1. Yully said...:

    Pei Ru, I am sure you are even more confident tonite and tonite is gonna be a good good nite too!~

  1. Ru said...:

    Hi Sam, Yully,
    Thanks for the encouragement. It's a great night and the people seem to enjoy their session tonight :D