♥ Ru on Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Learning through Sharing & Others' Experience

I'm blessed to be able to learn about how one should present on the stage through peer review process. Although, I'm not the one presenting, by giving feedback and thinking about what else can be improved does help in the process of learning how to present better should I have the chance to do so. Learning through others' experience and sharing session is a easier short-cut to future success I felt. But without doing any actual presentation probably won't help either. So I've decided to just give it a try but doing a 1 min presentation  at tonight's sharing session haha.. Whether or not people are interested or not doesn't really matter at least I get to practice and learn more from it.

Anyway, I'll still need be more confidence and less nervous when talking in front of many people as I'll need to be the MC of a networking session held on 25 Nov evening this month. I hope that everything will go well for me.