♥ Ru on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lesson from a Haircut

Actually, I just got my haircut today, from the usual hair stylist and came to understand that... My hair stylist did a Great job today, although it's a similar hairstyle but today I felt that he cut with more love and passion. Just because, I told him that, "Actually all I need is a bob hairstyle that's easy to manage, just cut it the way that you think it'll look best!"

After which, he seems pretty happy and tell me that the usual style is that he cut the last 2 time is the best, he can't promise that it'll look the same but he'll do his best. 'cos he's not a robot so not everytime will look the same. But somehow, I just felt that this time, it looks much better than the 1st 2 haircuts although it's similar but it just has a more "alive" feeling I felt...

So the conclusion is that, everyone in their own expertise can do a much better job if they hear want they like to hear. Lead them to what you want them to do, but don't force them. :P

A small change in our phrasing, can mean a big difference in our outcome!