♥ Ru on Friday, November 26, 2010

MMI Day 1

As I'm blessed with a VIP ticket, I attended MMI (Millionaire Mind Intensive) program today. I'll also be attending the event on both tomorrow and Sunday. Although most of the contents are in 1 way or another being covered during some of Executive Direction's programs, I still learned some things. The truth is that, when I first attended Wendy & Jerome's program, it's actually a lot more interesting than this one.

Some of the declarations sounds rather similar to Ken & Clive's program as well. So sometimes, I'll confused and cheer with "I'm a Millionaire Investor" instead of "You have a Millionaire Mind". LOL! It's good to be able to understand more about myself internally and the root cause of our money concepts. By understanding that, then it'll be easier to correct the issue(s), if any.

In fact, one of the main reasons why I'm there is because I want to see how they upsell things. As I've heard about stories that the people actually run to the counter just to sign up for their other programs. But this time, I merely witness a walking to the counter scene  for the program that they sold today. As for the book which they've sold, I actually also bought a copy 'cos it cost around $8. But after I analyze the actual book, I finally understood why they can sell it at such a price. "You will Be Amazed by how Thin the book is!" Still, I like the way they structured the book promotion and I've got people to "Co-share" the book package with us so that we can buy at the best possible rates. :P