♥ Ru on Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sunflower Day

I'm blessed to have nice friends like Shermaine who gave us 1 nice sunflower each today. I always thought that I didn't like flowers, but I do find the sunflower rather interesting. Wanted to take the small little bee like creature on my sun flower but my camera insisted on perceiving it to be perfect so. It ended up looking so perfect instead.

I'm still wondering what's the occasion today. Looking forward for the breath work session tomorrow. I wonder if I'd feel anything this time, other than hunger haha.. :P

In the evening, I went to my grandpa's 80th bday celebration and I guess, it's really a success. Almost everyone was there except for my cousin who got posted to Australia during this period of time.

Honestly speaking, although my grandma didn't look at my camera but she seems to be looking at my grandpa lovingly, isn't she?

I love my life!