♥ Ru on Friday, December 31, 2010

Finally Completed my Dream Wallpaper!

Yeah!! I've finally completed the creation of my dream wallpaper and finished setting my new year resolutions! I love my new wallpaper! Originally, there's only me on the photos and I came to realised that if  there's only me, there will never be any company at all, so I've decided to add in a ? person created from the facebook's no profile photo image. :D So that at least, I have some company :p

That's my dream wallpaper!
The next thing is that I shall work on executing my new year resolution and make sure that it does happens! Next year is a good year for me, at least in the Numerology aspect, so, I must make full use of next year to get things done and succeed!

So, my new year resolution is as follows:
  1. Be Punctual!
  2. Have more Determination!
  3. Make money from in excess of 3 property deals successfully by the end of the 2011!
  4. Have in excess of 100 daily dedicated readers for at least 2 of my blogs by Jun 2011!
  5. Add Value & Help in excess of 10 people succeed in getting quality leads through their own blogs by the end of the 2011!
  6. Make in excess of $3K passive / residual income a month by the end of the 2011 through property, stocks and blogs!
Thanks Vanessa for your comment, the calendar serves as a good overview of what's going on other than my hp's calendar. :P