♥ Ru on Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ice Skating Experience

Had a fun, exciting yet tiring and painful ice skating experience yesterday! It's actually the first time I'm going for ice skating after so many years. It's fun because I love the feeling of being able to move forward smoothly and the feeling of not knowing how to reduce speed and keeping my balance is really exciting. Haha..

This is the Marina Bay Sands' Ice Skating Ring,
Pretty Big but then it isn't really cold and have no "ice".
So we've decided to move on to Kallang Leisure Park!
Yet it's a painful experience because for the 2nd time, I felt down. When I'm moving across this particular super wet area, I just lost control of my own balancing and felt down on my bums. Ouch! Fortunately, I'm very blessed that one nice stranger decided to stop and pull me up and got me to the side of the ring. Thank you so much!!

At the end of the session, my legs are pretty tired and I'm blessed to have a great friend who supported me to the chair! Thanks a lot for that! I guess, it's time to train my stamina and leg muscles more + a lot more regular exercises! 
That's me!
If you'd ask me, "Will I go skating again?", well the answer is yes, of course. So that eventually, I'll  be able to do it well and independently. When's the next time huh? I'm not too sure. Just would love to thank Lina for organizing the event! I guess, perhaps it's really just us that so many of us can go ice skating on a weekday afternoon. :P

Just a side note: Kallang Leisure Park is a much Better Ice Skating Venue than the Marina Bay Sands' Ice Skating. Why? Because the former is cold and have ice but the latter doesn't have ice and most people there are walking on the ice not skating. LOL