♥ Ru on Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm back!!

Hey!! I'm finally back from my trip. I've uploaded all my photos onto facebook! The food at Penang is mostly nice. But I missed that beef noodles from AMK, 'cos particular noodles tastes better than Penang. :P The only issue is that... I can't remember exactly where's that place and I've no idea how to get there.

I particularly liked the porridge and fried oyster :D
Although Penang also have many cars, the air at the roadside is rather clean and not a lot of dust. Most importantly, it's not noisy. The people there are really very friendly. Especially, when we ask the stall aunties for advice on got what other nice food to eat, they actually recommend each other's food as if there were never any competition! Thanks to the

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