♥ Ru on Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lesson from Networking Presentation!

Substituted my friend for BNI this morning, and had a great breakfast! Hope that I've added massive value to my friend through the 1 min sharing session. 

I felt that actually to connect with the audience isn't that difficult provided that I can read from script simply in an obvious manner haha.. So far that's the only way that I really felt confident when I actually present that I know of. In fact, it's much easier helping my friend present than sharing about my own stuff which, I'm simply unprepared for. :P

The, it sets me thinking, is it because of the crowd, as in crowd that are around for networking purpose is better? Or is it because reading from script directly is much easier? I've concluded that, perhaps it's actually both that makes the task easier. :D


  1. Handsome (Norman) said...:

    There can be many reasons.. Have you tried scripting your own one minute presentation?

    Are you convinced of what your selling?

    Are you in the right mood? :D

  1. Peiru said...:

    Haha.. Shifu! I can't believe that you are the one that commented with the word "handsome". OMG!

    Actually, I've never scripted my own 1 min presentation, but for BNI, I only got 30 secs la. Think I should just script one I guess. :P