♥ Ru on Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monopoly Deal - A Fun Game to Play @ Chalets!

I felt that Monopoly Deal is really a fun and challenging game to play, especially at the Chalet. There are many rules to the game, but luckily we had a  monopoly deal rules expert with us to double-click with in event of discrepancy! I feel that it requires strategy and some form of luck to win the game.

So far, I always get good property cards sets but it always get taken away 'cos I don't have the "Just say NO" card and it tend to get taken away, especially if I've a complete set. Then, I tried the strategy of not putting up a complete set, then it also doesn't really work 'cos in the end, I don't end up putting my sets on the table. Perhaps, I'll need to play a lot more times and try different methods till I get the idea right I guess.

If you do have the chance, try playing that game. It's really exciting, 'cos you'll never know how long will your properties stay with you! As well as, how much money you can have in your hands. The funny part is, smaller notes are always better than bigger ones and it's best to have many cards that adds up to a certain amount than to have just 1 card with that big amount. That's the lesson, I've learnt from the $10M card that I've got...

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  1. Shingo T said...:

    I love playing Monopoly Deal too. It's where we can all play villains for the name of fun. Haha. =p

  1. Ru said...:

    Yup! I hope to play it again next time :P