♥ Ru on Friday, December 31, 2010

Thoughts on my Birthday: Blessed to have you all in my life!

Every year, at this particular day, I would always feel super blessed and happy that it's my birthday again and I've so many friends that remembers it and drops me a happy birthday blessing! And I actually felt like crying now... Not because I'm sad but because I felt very touched to have many friends with me since last week to celebrate my birthday with me and giving me their blessings! I love all my friends and my family for being there and being with me all these years, taking care of me in one way or another.

At this very moment, I felt that it's a good thing to be born on this day. Perhaps because this day is easy to remember but that's not really the whole point. To me, this very day is always the day where I'll have a moment or 2, thinking, reflecting and looking back at what really happened the past year. It's when I'll have some of my new year resolutions / inspirations! Just to change things, to reset certain things, to make sure that some things do happen or so. Sometimes, I'll even make a wish for it when blowing that candle on my cake.

Usually, my first implementation will start from tomorrow when I wake up from bed. Starting out and doing whatever I ever need to get the things I wanted the most done first! Hence, this day is always the most important day of my life, be it because it's my birthday or because it's a day where I'm out to make important decisions for changes I wanted in my life! I'm really really very blessed to have so many friends and family members with me and giving me their blessings! 

So I shall end with a Happy New Year and have a Great and Wonderful weekend ahead for everyone!

Thank you so much!!