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Thoughts on this Christmas Events!

Well, Christmas this year is probably the most happening event ever I guess, went for 2 christmas party, and 2 celebration gatherings and 1 movie outing, over a period of 4 days. Had lots of fun and presents.. :D Here's what happened...

So far, the first celebration gathering (21st Dec) was pretty much of a catch up with my friends and chit chat session. It's always nice and great to see them again. Got a box of hand lotion for Christmas present exchange and a black dress for my birthday present! Thanks for the gifts!
Hand lotion present
Then, it's the Christmas Party (22 Dec) which was fun and entertaining. Learned some stuff and lessons from it as well. At least, I've concluded that I should never drink vodka without any mixer ever again. As I still felt that somehow that should have been the main cause of my following miserable day. On which, I showed food poisoning symptoms.

Looking at the bright side, I've got about 2 days of rest for my stomach and  alternative system detox. LOL!! I've got some key-chain for the gift exchange, which I won't ever use I felt. And also a facial cleanser and nice calendar from 2 of my friends. Thanks for the presents!

This calendar has a notes page behind.
Pretty Interesting.
Of course on the 23rd is the sick day where I ate a total of about half a bowl of porridge the entire day.  In  the morning, I was so sick that I didn't end up going to set up the Christmas deco, then after that, I slept till about 4pm before I left for dinner. But still, I would like to thank my friend for the dinner although I really didn't eat much. So I felt quite paisay about it.

What's I've learnt from the dinner is that, actually we can order the xiao long bao from Crystal Jade Kitchen although it's not on the menu! And I should say that the Chupa Chups Hello Kitty Tin was really Cute! I'm not sure how much it cost but from the contents, I concluded that it should be quite an expensive tin.
The Hello Kitty Tin :D
Then, on the 24th, it's Win Win Networking's Christmas Lunch! Still a little lethargic and also had quite little for lunch. I've decided to just let my digestive system go on a few days of holiday then. Hopefully, after which it'll function much better. Saw quite a number of familiar faces and Andy joined us at our event as well. :P The game looks fun and I'm in charge to being the Santa to give out some of the presents! So that's me and 2 of my friends whom I met at another event!
Win Win Christmas Lunch
Then, I met Eileen after the event. Actually, my original plan was to go home and sleep first haha.. But in the end things ended up differently. We went to walk around at Bugis and..
This is actually my Dinner!
Yup! It's true, but along with 3 x Takopachi and that's all for dinner. After which, we watched the nice movie - Gulliver's Travels. Thanks Eileen for the nice presents!
Cute kitty post it pad for Christmas & a lovely Key-chain!

Well, in conclusion, it's a fun packed week with lots of events but not so well body. :P Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and the holidays! Thanks for all the nice presents! In terms of cuteness, I'd ranked #1 - The Hello Kitty Tin, #2 - Hello Kitty Post It Pad, #3 - The Calendar! That's all for the top 3.

Finally, my task till the end of the year is that I shall set up my dream wall paper, write down my new year resolution and complete my new year plans for next year! :)


  1. Vanessa said...:

    Glad you like the 2011 calendar. I specially selected this for a busy girl like you. :) Have a blessed and fruitful new year ahead!