♥ Ru on Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding Dinner Yesterday!

The wedding dinner is Great! The food is nice and I like the performance by the MC especially, whether is it high pitch or low pitch songs, they both sang so well! And they even dance on the stage!! Then there's also the relative's singing session. And I concluded that perhaps most people in Penang very sings well haha...
The wedding has this rather traditional chinese feeling, with the words they use, the songs being played. The customer service is also pretty good I felt. But it will be even better if they can be a little faster :p I love the bride's dress, it's looks very delicate and pretty! :) After which, we had photo taking session and the few of us went for KTV session after the event haha.. It's a fun night!
That's Us & The Couple with His Bro!
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