♥ Ru on Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Would you like to make heads turn?

As I'm walking along the transit area towards the green line inside the MRT station, there's this particular weird guy looking at me for quite some time. I'm actually on my way to meet Lina for some discussion and to get her take a photo of me. It's actually pretty warm so I'm just wearing my dress along with the butterfly bra strap, I think that's why ba. 

In fact, usually, I won't notice unless others tell me that, but this guy was walking in front of me and turning his head about 95 - 100 degrees towards the left. I think it should be quite fortunate that he didn't knock into anyone haha.. If you feel like getting more attention, do get some of our fancy design bra straps and test it out yourself! :P
Butterfly Design Bra Straps
Available in Beige, Blank, White & Pink
Pearl Design Bra Straps
Available in Blue, Pink, White & Purple

P.S.: Just a word of caution, stay where the crowd is and avoid the small lanes, just to be on the safe side.