♥ Ru on Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Busy Weekend...

Me & My Students for my Photoshop Workshop 
Had a busy weekend! After completing my Photoshop Workshop, I'm glad that it was a success and my students gave me pretty nice testimonials. I really felt very grateful and blessed to be able to conduct that program and being able to have such nice students. :D And of course, I've managed to get a video testimonial as well.
That's my most motivated and amazing student, winning yet another prize :D

For me, the greatest achievement of conducting workshop is to see my students being able to produce presentable works. It doesn't have to be perfect but at least, they put in the energy and effort to learn, try and work on it. Perhaps due to my work commitment, I think the next program will need to be held on Saturday / Sunday instead.

Team Building Session...
After a day of conducting training, I joined my colleagues at a team building event. We had our buffet dinner at NUS Guild. It's a pretty nice place to have dinner I felt. Quite a number of choices and we will pick what we want and send it for cooking, etc. Just that it will be better if there's more variety of food available. 

After that, we went for a chatting / drinking session at the bar next door, where I had my favorite Bailey's. Btw, it's actually not in the menu haha. Then we had KTV session for about close to 2.5 hours till 2am at the guild's KTV room. It's pretty fun but super tiring as I think my body cannot take it when I sleep after 2am anymore. Thanks to our nice colleague, we got a ride home. :)

That very day, I really had no voice after the entire event. So the lesson learnt is that, never sing KTV after conducting a 1 day lecture. :P

A nice looking house warming present I saw at BS's
house warming today!
Today, I overslept and didn't managed to wake up earlier for my packed saturday event. So missed one of the activity in the morning but doesn't really matter, after all it's just another seminar. Then I went to BS's house warming. His new house is pretty nice, and I saw many of our old guitar club mates! It's nice to see them around. Just wondering where's por por?

As for tomorrow's main activity is that, I need to bring the cashflow game to my friends and collect the Zoo run race pack. :D I guess, after all, I do get to go for the zoo run as well as the dinner gathering. :P So that means, it's going to be a tiring day when I go Aussie for training. We shall see how it goes then...