♥ Ru on Monday, January 10, 2011

Cracker Pirate - Undervalued Tasty Snack!

The Undervalued & Tasty Snack - Cracker Pirate
Just by looking at the nice packaging, I'm pretty captivated by the way it looks. It's so CUTE!! And of course most importantly, it's nice to eat. There's actually 3 flavors: Strawberry, Cream and Chocolate. The most popular one I guess is the Chocolate flavor!

The reason why it's undervalued! Every serving is individually packed!
Yup! Here's the key to the undervalued Cracker Pirate which I enjoyed eating. Each packet's usual price is $0.90, sold at the Korean stall at the office tower area of Burlington's Square @ Bugis Area. They certainly didn't pay for me doing adverts for them but I just wanted to share the fact that each big packet is only $0.90 each for usual price and they are currently having promotion and selling it at $0.70. There's 8 mini packs inside, which means each mini pack is only less than $0.10 now! Wow.. With such nice looking packing, I wonder why is it selling at such a low price? It's just unbelievable, yet it's true!

P.S. It's located at the bottom layer of one hidden corner and no one knows what I'm talking about when I asked their staff about it. So if you do want to try, you'll have to look for it yourself.


  1. Ryan said...:

    Hi Pei Ru,

    As a friend of your, do remember to check the expire date before you put into your mouth!! haha