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Fireworks, Sha's Wedding & More...

In fact the previous year is actually the most happening and exciting year of my life as of now. The transit from end of 2010 to the beginning of 2011 is pretty interesting as well. As it's my birthday celebration event with Fireworks on the last day of the year, and my new year begins with a special wedding dinner event of Sha and his wife! The wedding is really different from most others that I've attended so far... Perhaps life is meant to be full of surprises and fun! :D

My Birthday Lunch @ Fish & Co!
I remember celebrating Alfred's birthday few years back or is it many years ago, at Fish & Co, and I think maybe is the exact same branch but different corner of the restaurant! But I guess, being the birthday girl vs the just a spectator singing along was totally different. I was early today, and I thought it wasn't opened yet so I sat outside the area on one of the chairs waiting for my friends to turn up. And when Yully came, she just walked in and I only realised that actually the door was opened all along just that the place wasn't.

In fact, I seriously felt that Fish & Co. can do much better if they can put their opening hours at the door of their restaurant, just like the way MacDonald's did. At least, we'd know when it'll be opening and can always come back again when it's actually opened and not sitting outside feeling rather confused. :( It'd be even better if they can also put their hotline outside so that it's also easier for people to call them about other stuff such as reservation and stuff like that easily, when we go out to scout for places to eat.

That's me with the hat & birthday balloons!
Fortunately, we got to have the honor to take a seat at the sofa area inside the place while waiting for them to be officially opened. So that's a good point on their part . :D After we sat down at our dining table, they took the balloon from upstairs thanks to my friend's request and hang it up for me and gave me a my birthday hat! 

Their soup of the day taste pretty good I should say. And it's only today that I realised that they had 4 different types of fish and chips in their menu but ermm I can't really taste a different except for the amount of cheese inside. Haha.

Celebration on the Chair!
As the birthday girl, I'm supposed to stand on the chair while they say the birthday cheer with me having a "mini" sparkler on my hand! It's a different experience altogether. They actually told all the guest in the restaurant that it's my birthday today in the cheer itself! If you had a chance, do go and experience it yourself! It's quite interesting.

Thanks for the celebration & presents!
Then we took a group photo and that's 1 Cube celebrating my birthday with me along with Eunice! Plus the "年年有余" photo with many fishes, me and my cake. The black forest cake from Breadtalk taste good! We gave the rest of the cake to the staff at the restaurant to thank them for celebrating the event with us. (Actually, we can't finish it anyway, as we are too full from the feast! =X)

After that I went home to sleep first...

Of course, that's not the end of my brithday. That's a part 2...

Group Photos!!
I had the honor to visit Marina Bay Residences to watch the fireworks!! Thanks to our team leader and his nice friend! I had a game of bridge with his kids and it's pretty fun, since I've not played for quite some time. (I missed the good old days of playing bridge with Debbie and friends.)

The night view at the condo is really nice, and we didn't need to squeeze with all those crowd to catch a glimpse of the fireworks. I love that feelings and we heard the music from the TV, the fireworks sound and watch it live! The only downside is that towards the end, the fireworks gave out too much smoke so we only got to see 50% of it at the 2nd half! But still, it's nice and I really appreciate that!

That's all for my birthday event and here's my fireworks video! :P For once, it's clear and stable! Thanks to my camera stand ^_^

Then it's about Sha's Wedding Dinner! It's a unique and special event, at least the first Malay wedding that I've ever attended in my entire life as of now! I felt that it's in a combination of Chinese, Malay ritual with a touch of westernization...

It begins with a Malay style...
Wedding Dinner Part 1
There's drum performance with Sha walking in to join his bride, then there's dance performance, followed by blessings given to the couple from the guest on board. I join in the fun of giving the blessings as well. It's sprinkling of this yellow color rice on their hands, then some herbs, then some water with pandan leaves I think. After that use the egg to touch their nose and congrats the couple!
The Usual Style

Then it's the usual wedding dinner style with a surprise clip. (The contents not to be revealed) Then the couple marched in. The highlight of the night is our cute MC being so interesting in the entire session! Thanks for the invitation!

Here's a video clip of the event! Enjoy!!


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