♥ Ru on Sunday, January 9, 2011

Innovative Beer Market Exchange Design

That's the Lady with the Great Memory @ Beer Market!
Went to the Beer Market on Saturday. While waiting for my friends, I was sort of sitting at the fence in front of the area and in a way considered as loitering around. Just by doing that, the lady standing at the entrance can actually remember me when she sees me again! Wow! I'm amazed by that...

Hence, I felt deserved she deserved to get a very high pay because of her amazing memory and she's really super enthusiastic and friendly in inviting people into their pub. I think their entrance looks pretty innovative as well.

Innovative Buy Low Drink High Slogan
I felt that their slogan is really very catchy and innovative. At least, I've yet to see such a thing so far. Most Importantly, I believe most have heard about the stock exchange but have you heard of the Beer Market Exchange? It's really something that's the attention of the area. There's so many people taking photos of it, including me :P Also, the market actually moves! I even saw a closing period where they updates the price. Amazing! I think it's meant to either make more money from the popular beers and increase the sales of the less popular beers. An interesting way to market as well as to have better profit margin!

That's the Beer Market Exchange!
You know what? Their website is also very innovative and interesting, here's the link: http://www.beermarket.com.sg.