♥ Ru on Friday, January 28, 2011

Low Cost Airlines World - Asia Pacific

Low Cost Airlines World
Attended the Low Cost Airlines World Asia Pacific Seminar today, but I actually felt that I'm sort of working from Seminar instead of working from office. LOL! Didn't catch the things being shared during the portion where I ended up working but do managed to catch some pretty interesting portion of it. 

I like SpiceJet's Advertisement, 'cos it's really very innovative and funny to watch. Too bad, I can't find it in YouTube. The most amusing one is the one on Honeymoon, where the couple sits separately and they share with you about how romantic it can be. The rest, I can't really remember le. But there's actually a few.

After that, I particularly like the Stream 2 portion in the afternoon just that last session was canceled so I ended up going back to listen to Steam 1. I like the ideas that's being shared, especially the idea of filling up a plane and everyone in the first filled plane gets to really travel on it for free!! The only terms and condition is that everyone on the plane must show up otherwise, the plane won't fly. But still, it's a pretty good marketing idea I felt. I wonder when will that idea reach or gets implemented in Singapore. :P