♥ Ru on Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paradise Inn @ Changi Airport

Interesting Wall Deco

Had lunch at Paradise Inn today and I think the food is pretty reasonable and the service wasn't as bad as what I thought it'll be. At least for the drink that happened to have a fly inside, they bothered to change it for us. So it's pretty good le. The only downside about the food is that somehow the vegetable is more oily than the meat portion of my food.

That's my lunch. Pretty good just that the vege is ermm
too oily...
That's the other type of food that 2 of my colleagues ordered.
Then I had dinner at the soup restaurant with my friends. Then, while waiting for our turn, I noticed something very interesting: They offered a S Card for shareholders holding at least 2,000 shares. Sounds good. :D I remembered that their share price is not very high, so can look into it.
That's the end of our food!
That's the Mango Paradise or some fruity
mixed drink which is pretty good I think.
Yup, that's where we sit back and relax, plus catch up with each other. But most importantly, I still need to go home and finish up my remaining task left. Hopefully, I can get it all done soon. :) Just got to strive and work harder ba.