♥ Ru on Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reserved Seating - To Sit or NOT to Sit?

If you'd rather stand so that others can have a seat...
If you are more than willing to give up your seat to those in need...
If your policy is to let others have the priority of sitting down...
I actually hope that you can just take a seat on the train, on the bus, etc...

Our social issue isn't just about not sitting down, it's not just about not sitting at the reserve seat! At least, that's what I truly felt. If we can take a seat on the train, at least when the people who truly needs it are on board, we can give them our seat. But when we didn't even have one, and no one else is willing to give up theirs, we aren't really helping them by not sitting down.

Perhaps it's just my absurd thinking and inner voice saying this out loud but isn't it better for considerate people to help those in need reserve their seat instead? I've seen occasions of 50 yr old uncles / aunties giving up their seat to those above 70 or even 80s, yet at the same time, just opposite them is another fit looking young man / lady, sitting down at the reserve seat and staring into space? Or is it that actually, they just didn't want to give up their seat?

Reserve Them A Seat!
Of course, I've also seen cases of nice young people giving up their seats to those who needs it more. I remember that day when I'm having my dinner, the show that Mark Lee was starring in Taiwan's MRT... People there are actually willing to stand up for their right. I do admit that I'm one of those that didn't go up to the stranger and ask if they are pregnant (if it's a guy) or sick? If not, please let the old folks sit down please.

At times, I'm wondering.. If more people are willing to play their little part to start giving up their seat when needed, perhaps one fine day, there would be a butterfly effect that everyone then will do the same, through peer pressure / influence.

Or at least, if you really intend to just fall asleep, to do anything but to give up your seat to those that need it, make it a point at least, not to take the reserved seats. Don't become one of the negative influence.. Just take the normal seats instead. 

Typical Sleeping at Reserved Seat Example..
Be a better role model at least for our next generation so that they won't follow suit and do the same. Your actions helps!!

Thanks a lot!

P.S. I know that it's wrong to anyhow take photo of those people but since, I've already taken it yesterday. I've might as well just use it. I'm still wondering... How can I tell if someone is pretending not to see or are they just tired?


  1. chnrxn said...:

    "But when we didn't even have one, and no one else is willing to give up theirs, we aren't really helping them by not sitting down."

    Agree with this statement.

    However, I believe that most people will give up their reserved seats when they are being asked to.

    There are also those young people who indeed might be feeling unwell, or having back problems, but others can't tell just by looking. This small group is quite disadvantaged as well.