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Shaun Stenning: The Expensive Lesson - But is it really over?

Last year, I've received an email from Shaun Stenning's company telling me to give them their feedback. Then, there's a deadline to get the feedback and only recently that I read that mail again that I knew. Actually, they will only reply me from 24th Jan onwards. Which means, it takes about a month or two for me to get my reply.... -.-"

Since, no matter what I do, nothing's better than a direct feedback to the source himself - Shaun Stenning. I'm pretty glad that his company sent out that email, telling us how much he valued customer service.

Well, recently thanks to my friend, I've found out that now Shaun is now offering us a refund scheme but I'm not sure about the details of it. Other than having us to write in to him with our details on when we signed up, whom we signed up with, how much we've paid, etc. Here's the link...

For everything we do, we either profit from it, enjoyed ourselves or we will learn a lesson. (That's usually the case) For this case, I've an expensive lesson to understand the truth about when something is too good to be true, it might probably be.

Here's the lessons learned from his program:
  1. I've understand that there's no such thing as quick bucks in internet marketing world. 
    • What he had showed us about being able to make more than USD$1K in a single day is because... He had already spend years building up his leads and friends list, to the extend that when he broadcast something, maybe tens of thousands of people or even hundred thousand to a million people out there will receive his message. Hence, even if just a small percentage of them clicks on his link, he's still able to generate that kind of income. 
    • The idea that he showed us gave us a misconception that making money is easy as he showed us how he sets up the system and within 1 day, we can get USD$1K or more and the setting up is also super easy.
    • What he should have told us is that it takes time to build the list before we can succeed and prepare us for it instead of leading us on. At least by sharing with us the other side of the story with is the actual truth, we will at least be mentally prepared and he wouldn't need to pay a price for it after that.
  2. To learn things like Internet Marketing, we have to pick the right mentor, that will really guide us along
    • In Shaun's seminar, his brother is the main conductor and what's mainly shared in the seminar is more upselling and telling us how to use another product of theirs and not so much of the existing program which we've bought.
    • In other words, the entire seminar is to upsell more programs of a similar pricing or more expensive that may or may not share real valuable information.
    • Mentorship? Well.. actually everyone of us are assigned a mentor but what's  the use of a mentor when the student doesn't know what we don't know? Plus, if we ask, we'll get an answer but when we are lost, we may not know what we need to ask.
    • Practical Sessions? Yes, there's quite a number of tweet-ups where there's networking and hands-on session but every session cost $10 or more. We also need to invest more time and energy as well. Which apparently, I don't really feel like investing after I had a slight being cheated feeling about 1 month after signing up the program.
  3. Maintaining reputation can mean paying a high price to correct the mistakes done.
    • Well, he even offered to give us a refund if we are not satisfied with his programs, probably because from the feedback we gave him, he decided that that's the best thing he can do.
  4. More things to ponder upon
    • Will Shaun really give us a 100% refund? Or is there any terms and conditions involved?
    • What is he really up to by doing all these things?
  5. Ask around, especially your friends before signing up for programs that seems too good to be true.
    • Ya, if I had asked, I would have found out that I shouldn't signed up for it as I had a friend that signed up about many months before me!
    • If you asked the licensee or their staff and no one are willing to share with you any details on exactly how much they've made. To me this program is not about how much they've made but more of whether they truly felt that it works, and also do they actually make back their program fee or how long does it take to start making money, etc?
    • It seems that even after I've joined the program, I've asked one of their "staff", so how much have you made? She told me that she's lucky because with just few hundred followers, she had already made money. But refused to tell us how much is that. And does lucky means that I'm unlucky? Because with even 1K friends, I didn't make as much as I thought I would.... In fact, my Adsense only make me like around < $3 in total. With my friends' support, in total, there's only $5 or so. LOL!! Which is a 0.1% ROI.
Here's my view, for me, I rather he really refund me the money so that I can finally end this thing once and for all. At least, it'll give me freedom and time to do things I'd rather do and love to do. Rather than worrying about how I can fix this thing...

Had just received his email reply about the refund thing, it says:
"your refund request has been received, please note that we will not be actioning the request until 1st March 2011 when you will receive the Release Agreement

Well.. Now, it's yet another long wait I guess..


  1. Genevieve said...:

    Aww man, really hope we can get a refund. I really didn't learn much about Internet Marketing at all and tthe system keeps crashing..

  1. Ru said...:

    Well, I'm still manifesting for a full refund. Join me in the manifestation. :D

    Thanks Peter for your valuable comments but I would prefer not to have any external links in my comments.

    I'm not sure what's the terms and conditions. Well, we will find out after march. Anyway, it really depends on their aim. I'd rather choose to believe that he would honour his words.

  1. Haha Yes I will! :) Maybe less admin charges and stuff because after all he did conduct the seminar and delivered SOMETHING, albeit pretty useless.

  1. He promised to send me the Release Agreement on 1 Mar 11 to effect full refund. Yet to receive it. Looks like he's not gonna honour his word.

  1. Rangi said...:

    I'm manifesting with you Ru :D

    An expensive lesson indeed. Very angry, but I'm optimistic that Shaun will honour his word and provide us with a refund. If not to keep a good name anyway.