♥ Ru on Sunday, February 27, 2011

2nd Weekend in Melbourne

This weekend we went shopping at Bridge Road. It's quite a long stretch of shops and has quite a lot of things to look at. I bought some t-shirts that looks quite cute. :D The only sad thing is that.. it's such a rainy saturday, it rained almost the entire day, just that we can still proceed as the rain wasn't exactly that big.
The big Caterpillar

The water cooler like drinking point along the park...
It's actually a pretty interesting sight to see that there's a drinking point in the park as usually Singapore's park don't really have such a thing, at least not that I've known of. Especially when the park wasn't very big. For those bigger and well known parks, at least at the visitor corner, there might be water point and toilets, for small ones, there won't be anything at all.
The cute flower which "seem" to follow us everywhere...

杨枝甘露 without the Pomelo
Quite disappointed as the mango is sour and I think the one in Singapore tasted much better. After all, it's my favourite food.. If it does taste good.
That's my roommate!
With us lazing around sitting at the seats facing the river and looking at the sea gulls flying and hopping around. Singapore's pace is really far too fast and hectic such that we all missed the good old days of being calm and relaxed, being able to have picnic at beaches, laze around, chatting and unwinding.