♥ Ru on Friday, February 4, 2011

CNY Reunion Dinner 2011 :)

Let's Eat!
I think that I must be very hungry this Chinese New Year, as I'm actually the first one to eat and first one to finished. Can you believe it? Just after it's being set up, I've started eating and that's how I ended up finishing first.

At the other table
My Loving Parents :D
I think my relatives really like to play mahjong, my aunt got me, her hubby and her daughter to play mahjong so that I can help my grandpa in the game. Luckily, my grandpa was quite lucky, as his "hands" seems to be always pretty good. Perhaps it's much easier to help others win than to win myself. So far, I'm hardly that lucky myself. But at least, my grandpa looks happy so.. It should be an accomplishment ba. :D

As for today, I realised that actually restaurants are already opened as I went Xin Wang at Kovan for brunch for an appointment this morning. So far, I'm looking forward to the rest of the new year then.. followed by 1 week of work, after that it'll be my Aussie Trip le. Yeah!! I love my life!