♥ Ru on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frenz Reunion Dinner @ Bugis MOF 2011

My Japanese Mixed Vegetable Rice. :P
There's actually quite a number of variety for food but then I didn't feel like eating what's available in the set meal. Then I saw my favourite Cod Fish & Golden Mushroom. :D So I just decided to order them along with white rice. My conclusion is that: "It is possible to order the food such that it feels very chinese although it's a Jap restaurant!" Haha... It's just a matter of whether you've thought of it that way or not ba.
I didn't get to try out the others but I quite like the Cod Fish dish as it's nice as usual. The golden mushroom, hmm not so nice but still can be eaten. Just a bit tough ba.

Group Photo!
That's us! At the Intercontinental Hotel next to Bugis Junction, there's indeed some Lunar New Year Feeling!

Dear Readers / Friends,

I would love to wish everyone of you a Happy Chinese New Year!! All the best in whatever you do and wish for! Huat Ah!!

Peiru :D