♥ Ru on Saturday, February 19, 2011

Melbourne Day 6 - Shopping :D

Queen Victoria Market
After a long wait, finally we went shopping sort of did that yesterday night at the  bigger DFO.  As we only got like 1.5hrs so we didn't managed to cover the entire shopping centre. :P Then today mainly at Queen Victoria Market. I think the market is really very big walked from around 10+am till 3pm. After we got our next week's meal supply, we decided to go Spencer St's DFO for more shopping haha.. But too bad we reached pretty late as well and the shopping centre ends at 6pm.

Spencer Street
Finally, I went for a run around 6.45pm and came back at around 7.15pm. After that I cooked rice and my housemate aka best friend cooked the rest lol!
I loved dinner 'cos it's very nice :) There's big prawns, salmon with mushroom sauce, vege and rice, and she had oysters. I tried one of them but didn't really like raw food after all. I wonder what's for tomorrow's dinner haha.. :D