♥ Ru on Sunday, February 20, 2011

St Kilda - Melbourne

My Brunch!
After 1 week here, somehow, I was sort of concuss today and didn't managed to wake up at the original intended 10am. Yup, I woke up at 12pm instead. Thanks to my nice housemate cum best friend, I got lunch to eat! At around 1.30pm, we finally headed for our shopping trip to St. Kilda!

Flinders Street Station
I think the Flinders Street Station was a nice looking building. We went there to buy the Sunday day pass as it's much cheaper! :D It always helps to be with someone who knows where to get what!
Take Photo with the nice beach.. Along St Kilda
The entire stretch of road was the flea market selling things like accessories and other stuff. I saw one very cute store selling funny looking cups! LOL!.. It's really unique so if you do come, must come here to take a look. :P
Me @ Lunar Park
 Yup, the sun was so bright that I can't even open my eyes fully haha.

Haha mirror
Here's 2 shorties that got shorten by the illusion of the mirror. Funny right? ROFLOL!! Actually, we merely went there to take a look and take photos but didn't actually play the games there. After all, I'm quite scared of heights. So.. Just take photos is enough for me. No need to play. :P

Super nice Fish & Chips!
Along the way, we had the Super nice and tasty Fish & Chips at "Clamms Fast Fish". Thanks to the off peak period, we managed to get a seat and enjoyed our "dinner" in advance at around 3.30pm or so. :P It's pretty near St. Kilda and here's where we continued our shopping trip as well.
Interesting Phrase from NAB!
Funny right? I can't help but took a photo of it!

Looks interesting so I've got them to try out haha..
Cute Little Hat, Hair Clip!
Actually, I always find it cute to own one but this is the first one that I've got. The first time I saw it, I think is the one that Eureka! team wore for their "Business Opportunity Fair" day. But of course the design is much more kua zhang than this ba. After that I saw it before in Aussie I think, during my last trip maybe.. But still didn't get as there's some defects. This time, it looks good so I've decided to get one for myself haha.. The only issue is that, under what circumstances can I wear it leh? I'm still wondering about it...
Nice looking and unique Bracelet!
I find it quite special and nice, so I've decided to get one as well :P Wasn't exactly cheap as it's like about AUD $10. But it's special lo. At least, I've yet to see it around in Singapore. Or maybe I didn't know where I'll see it there.

Finally, 1 week had passed and there's just about 2 more weeks before I go back as my trip is confirmed being extended le. Take care my friends. :)