♥ Ru on Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Walk @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Had a 2 hours plus walk yesterday morning at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. After a very long time of not really exercising regularly, it's really pretty tiring to walk for that long but still, it's pretty fun I felt. It's a pity that the type of camera I'm really looking for is really still not invented yet so.. What I've got is more of blur pictures. LOL!!

The Maze looking Map...

Originally, from the map, I thought it's a pretty big place but actually, it wasn't that big after all. And in fact, I dun even need to really be there very early in the morning just to see the birds. I might have missed some but still, I did see quite a number of them so, it's pretty good le.

Adopt a Park
Wow!! Their camera are so big!! Amazing!
The visitors at the reserve are really very friendly, one of them pointed out the monitor lizard to me, one of them showed me the crocodile through his camera. :D The crocodile is really "life size" pretty big through the camera but using just my eyes, I can't see it, let alone my little camera. So, was really grateful for that. :) Most importantly, I must thank my friend who brought me there. :D

Beware of Crocodiles...
The bird that enjoys hiding from my sight..
The most common birds at the Reserve

The elegant one..
Side View
Monitor Lizard

It went swimming haha..
That's the result of my tiny camera

More of it..
Cute right?
Loo @ middle of the area
The shelter with fragile looking chairs
Mangrove (Must be earlier to see before 10am)
Mangrove Another View

More Mangrove
More birds..
Flying in action..
Zoom in also can't really see
Finally the Butterfly :D
This Spider is SO BIG!!

More Spiders
I heard that that's Malaysia...
Monitor Lizards Lazing Around..
The so not obvious exit sign.. Look at the arrow..
The Exit / Entrance that's opp the signboard.. OMG!
Yup, that's how we missed the exit and overshot then I was wondering.. how come.. I never see the right observation screen number...

The empty rock strange right?