♥ Ru on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Working @ Melbourne Day 1 - 2

Finally, we reached Melbourne. I felt quite tired due to the Jet Lag. Maybe cos the timezone is different by about 3 hours and maybe it's due to us sleeping for only about 4 hours or so.

On the Star Bus going to the hotel...
On of the Streets along the way.. Tired.. zzZZ...

That's our Lunch! Pretty nice but quite big portion
Xiao Long Bao.. Dinner.. Nice :D
My Onion Egg in progress - I think i put too much onions lol!

The rice which I think needs more water..
Decided to cook rice from now onwards.. :P
After all, that's the thing that I knew how to cook most lol..

Dinner... Chicken Drumlets & Onion Egg

Chicken Drumlets in progess

I guess, our dinner is not bad le.. for a around $5 budget for 2. :P I believe tomorrow's dinner will be better haha.. Sounds like we will be eating eggs everyday 'cos I need to practice cooking eggs. LOL!