♥ Ru on Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dinner at Kopitiam - Changi Airport

Actually, Changi Airport is quite an amazing place, most of the shops here closed quite late. In fact, I'm truly amazed that almost all the stalls at Kopitiam (T3) are still open at around 9pm today. Got to eat my favorite Minced Meat Mee Tai Mak Soup which really always have a queue there. Yes, even at 9pm at night, I still need to queue it's really just a matter of how long the queue is!

After that, I still ended up eating dessert. Opps :X Overall, the dessert at T3 canteen is probably the best among all ba. At least that's what I felt now. 

Last but not least, I hope that my alarm will function correctly tomorrow. Had decided to use 2 different alarm just in case it failed again. So far, from experience, I think my main alarm's off day seems to be  on a friday. Not sure why.