♥ Ru on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dinner Organised by Adam

Had a great time and dinner tonight at the Red Spice Road. I think the food is pretty nice and good! If you do have time, should go and try! Of course, I enjoyed the company pretty much as well. :) They are pretty interesting people and are very humorous. I wonder if being humorous is also part of Australia culture? Or perhaps, it's actually Jetstar's culture. :P
The rice is nice

The Pork Belly is Great! The curry chicken is also good and
most importantly not spicy haha..


More Salad

1st Dish, it's interesting but a bit too spicy for me

Interesting musical instrument deco
Our Interesting Dinner Companions!

Interesting looking bowl isn't it?
The not nice drink lol!
Sounds sour

Not a Cosmo

Adam & Mel