♥ Ru on Monday, March 21, 2011

My Weekend Trip

Had a different weekend at Hong Kong last week. :P Overall, my feeling of Hong Kong is that, I wonder why is it a shopping heaven when I can't really find much shopping areas. Only to understand today that actually, I missed the stores at "女人街". Opps.. I heard that the street stores opens between 7 - 11pm and I was there at around 11pm. So I thought that it was just a street with lots of cosmetics stores. With a WOW, it's really foggy at this time of the year...

Airport Express Progress Bar

Does this reminds you of Lucky Plaza??

Cute Penguin Sign
Where's the Buddha? I think he's playing
hide and seek with us.

River Cruise...

A cruise to the Man head like rock and Pink Dolphins!

The Peak!
Well, we went to the peak, only to find out that.. it's too foggy to see anything. We are using the Octopus card so the usher stopped us. But those who bought the full package (it cost the same price as per Octopus card payment) gets to go in 'cos they already bought the tickets, even if they don't go in, they'll still need to pay for it.
Exploring the Foggy Path! Lesson learnt, It's best to take
the train up and a bus down for the nice scenery but...
Don't attempt to walk down the peak.. It's such a long walk
and we still ended up taking the bus 'cos we are like only
10% downhill after our 1 hr or more walk. Opps..

Teochew Festival! Interesting performance on the streets.

Cute Kitty Earphone - A Present from Dear!