♥ Ru on Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shaun Stenning - Story of the Refund Request

I'm merely sharing the harsh truth and facts about the refund story started by Shaun Stenning himself. My post is biased toward my personal experience so judge it yourself.

First of all, there was originally a blog post in their site to tell us that there will be a refund statement or something that will be send to us some Release Agreement but nothing ever happen other than the acknowledgment email reply which I've received from Shaun:

"On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 12:15 PM, Shaun Stenning <shaun.stenning@dollarrose.com> wrote:
your refund request has been received, please note that we will not
be actioning the request until 1st March 2011 when you will receive
the Release Agreement

After that, I just visited that link again and it has already been removed entirely. It's now loading page not found instead. If you were me, how would you feel?

The only thing that I can really do, is just to share my personal customer feedback experience with the world. I gave him a chance to explain, which he didn't seem to have time to reply me even after close to 3 months. Perhaps, he's really busy. Since he's too busy, I felt that it's fair to share my side of the story with my blog readers. My aim is not to harm him but to share my experience so that at least, I may not be able to help everyone. At least, by sharing, the similar things won't happen to you.

The most important lessons that I've ever learn from him is that, think twice before taking action and do your own research before implementing the action. Most importantly, at least just google for related reviews and things like that. Good judgment is the key to the correct decision!


  1. Edward said...:

    Hi Ru, In 2009, I joined the TWA.LK program (Sydney, Australia) and am very disappointed with the sudden ending of the course. It has caused a HUGE OUTRAGE to the clients worldwide as you know. I feel so miserable with this investment. Is there any chance to request a Refund? I tried to contact Shaun's Dollar Rose email, but the email doesn't exist anymore. Ed

  1. Ru said...:

    Hi Edward, Shuan had changed his email address totally. At least the one that he used to get us email him no longer exists. Check the email account that you've used to sign up for the program.

  1. Ru said...:

    Read this... http://www.guizai.com/internet-marketing/after-9-months-here-come-the-truth