♥ Ru on Monday, April 11, 2011

Singapore DUCKtours - A Tourist Like Experience

My First DUCKtours Ride from Suntec City :)
Went for a DUCKtour Ride around late afternoon on Saturday. To our surprise, Singapore get 30% discount off price of the ride on weekends and 40% discount if it's weekdays. :) Which is a pretty good discount amount that we've got, from $33 to $23.10. I'm glad that I'm a Singaporean.

The Stickers & Tickets

Interesting Signboard on the ride itself. :)

Along the way...

Singapore Flyer & Marina Bay Sands

Our Neighbour..

A different Angle of the Singapore Flyer

I really think that Singapore Flyer looks better on the ride. :)

Fullerton Hotel & Our Neighbour
Had Great Splash into the Singapore River and I almost got wet.. Well, my chair's pretty wet, I just managed to evade in time. :P A tip is that if you do take a ride, sit at the right side, I think the view is better at the right side. Do wear rain coat if you are sitting at the side of the boat or at the front of the boat. It might be more fun but it's certainly more wet!

Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride... U may want to wear a cap or sunshades due to the strong sunlight too! Do call in to +65 6338 6877 and reserve a seat if you are interested as the ride is usually quite full. Yup, we attempted to walk in the previous week but it doesn't work out as it's full. Their official website: http://www.ducktours.com.sg/duck.php