♥ Ru on Monday, April 18, 2011

URA Photography Workshop - Our Fave Spots: City Life

URA City Map Tour, A Guide to our City!
Whether you are a Singaporean / Tourist, it's probably an interesting place to visit when you can afford the time. At URA, you'll find out more about the interesting places you can visit.

Attended the URA Photography Workshop on Singapore's City last Saturday. It's actually a competition over a period of 1 month, however, I'm overaged so can't join in the fun. But still, I can take photos at my own leisure time and post it up. It's the fun that counts, not the prize that matters. :P Most importantly, I've took back quite a few tips to take more interesting photos.. But those photos won't be uploaded today, due to time constraints.

Statue @ the Maple Tree Building
Here's some photos I took in the area. This one is the normal type of photos I usually take. :)
Somewhere at Tanjong Pagar but not sure where..
Here's the photo using the rule of 3 I think.. Putting your focus of the photo at 1 corner. I wonder if it's used the right way. As they wanted to suggest applying it to human objects not statues. :X