♥ Ru on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekend Trip to KL

Went to KL over the weekend and it's really a lot of cars at both the woodlands and 2nd link checkpoint. The 2nd link checkpoint also jam for like 2 hours.. :X I think the 3 star Hotel Sentral seems pretty good for a 3 star standard 'cos from the inside, it looks pretty nice. Maybe because it's new ba.

Went shopping at Times Square and Sungei Wang. Perhaps Sungei Wang is a better place to shop I felt. The watching movie experience at Times Square suggested that... Singapore's Cinema got way better standard that's why it cost more. Even our most cmi cinema seems better ba.

On the way back, we dropped by Melaka to walk around to avoid the jam. Well, it does works as the road is really cleared. I guess that's why we are called Singaporeans. :P Melaka is really a beautiful place although we only found 1 place which is near the Melaka Mall.

Even the street lights are nicer
Some nice looking building

Children playing with water at the fountain

Overall view of that place...
Also ended up buying food at the supermarket again. Just that I think the food supply is still being locked up and not released yet. :X Haha.. Perhaps, I'll get to see it only when I've got not much food left on my table. Yup, my mini pantry.