♥ Ru on Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dinner on Vesak Day

Glad to be feeling much better now after being sick for quite a number of days. Just visited the doctor again but I do believed that I'm getting much better :)

Finally got the chance to upload the photos that I took before I got sick actually haha.. 

Ramen Santouka at The Central
Firstly, it's Ramen Santouka at The Central. This place is really hiding itself very well at a super uloo corner of The Central #02-76. It's really tough to find that place moving around so many bends and corner and finally I got there. Most importantly, the food is nice. :)

Brownice - Here's the article I saw in the
newspaper on the 15 May...
Brownice - Vegetarian Ice Cream
Well, I thought it'd be interesting to find out how it tasted like.. so... I went to the Central. :) I think I bought French Chocolate and Strawberry. Dear prefers Strawberry while I prefer Chocolate. All these are taken on the 17th May (Vesak day).

I think, it must have been that after coughing on and off for like more than a week.. yet I still continue to eat chocolates and ice creams plus I didn't actually sleep that early every day and I'm super tired from all the work that I've been doing almost every single day.. All the heaty food and the late nights with all the fatigue must have caused myself to be sick.

Lesson learn is that Life is not just about work. I had a life to lead... and I do need to take care of myself more.. without all that.. What else do I have? So.. Time to sleep.. Good night everyone :)