♥ Ru on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Exciting Morning Cutover!

Life in Melbourne is indeed exciting yet lonely experience... 

Exciting -- I woke up early in the morning around 3am or so. Perhaps I'm nervous or probably too excited so much so that I woke up every hour since 12 am thinking -- Is it time yet? Although some of the time, I do doze off during this period and chatted with my bf but it's rather hard to sleep well during this period of time.

During the cutover period, we fight with time to resolve various issues highlighted / surfaced during the process. I'm pretty glad that this time round, things went through a lot smoother than the previous time from our side of the system. I worked from around 4am till 5pm and collapsed into bed  a while after I lie down on it after bathing. Luckily, my alarm woke me up for dinner if not probably I might be sleeping till the middle of the night with nothing much to eat at my apartment.

Lonely -- there's only my Big Bird Hello Kitty with me for company after parting with my colleagues in the office. As there's only me here from the Singapore Office.

I missed my bed and my home... Looking forward to friday so that I can finally go back home! After all, I've been having flu since the day I came here. Although it's just slight flu / running nose and now, a bit of cough. I hope to get well soon!