♥ Ru on Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going to Melbourne again....

I'd be on the plane flying towards Melbourne to help out in the preparation and cutting over of our new website. You'd probably see it at our banners soon. While I still have some time while waiting for my flight later at night, I've decided to do a scheduled post. :P

I'll be Melbourne again till this Friday so that I can be in Singapore just in time for the General Elections Voting this coming Saturday! It should be an exciting night  (tonight) or should I say early morning (tomorrow)? Whichever it is.. I hope that all goes well and smoothly. :)

Bringing Big Bird Hello Kitty with me..
to keep me company @ Melbourne

I hope that Albert will keep Dear
Company while I'm away...
I think I'll miss my ex housemate in Melbourne the last time, and I'll miss dear. So I've decided to export my cute big bird hello kitty to keep me company. If there's space in my suitcase, maybe.. I'll bring along another soft toy of mine ba.


  1. Hi:
    Where can I buy this Hello Kitty Dolls in Melbourne?
    I'm trying to find Hello Kitty Limited Dolls in Melbourne, Such like yours, or AU's Icon animal: Kangaroo, Koala.



  1. Ru said...:

    Hi Lance,

    Sorry about this but I bought the doll from Singapore into Melbourne.

    I recall seeing Kangaroo and Koala dolls somewhere near the chinatown area of Melbourne, probably somewhere near Target Mall (I mean within 2km radius) as I never walked that far whenever I went there. One of the souvenir shop probably had it when I was there last time (about 1.5 years ago).