♥ Ru on Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great Dinner Gathering!

That's Lina & the very big bowl of rice!!
Had dinner yesterday with my friends after many months of not seeing them. I'm truly amazed and glad to see their turnout rate. I felt blessed and happy to see my friends again after so long. It's  really good to see so many of them showing up for the gathering yesterday. I hope to see them again next month or so. :)

We also celebrated Vincent & Ryan's Birthday!

Also, we've visited Lori at her pushcart. The products sold are pretty interesting and the prices reasonable. Do drop by her booth at Cineleisure, level 2, (next to Mini Toons near the lift) to take a look. There's quite a variety of products to choose from!
That the cap I've got for myself, 2 booth models and
our happy pushcart owner - Lori!