♥ Ru on Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hope this ends my Alarm Crisis.. LOL!

New Hello Kitty Alarm Clock
Got myself the Hello Kitty Alarm Clock on Sunday after missing my handphone alarm again. I suspect the default one malfunction. Unfortunately, the AlarmDroid not loud enough to wake me up when I'm too tired and can't seem to hear my alarm somehow... I hope this alarm can do the job well.. So far it's pretty loud I felt but due to the fact that it's just a manual alarm, I must remember to tune it everyday so that it'll ring. LOL!

So hopefully, this will put an end to my Alarm Crisis and as long as I remember to turn it on. By right, I shouldn't miss my alarm as such manual alarm are pretty persistent and very loud. Haha.. I hope 1 is enough. :)