♥ Ru on Saturday, May 7, 2011

Looking Forward to the General Elections Results!

With the Social Media platform today, the Singapore Elections are now being brought to a greater hype! With Facebook Fan Pages for every Parties and Comments everywhere on almost everyone's wall. It's an event that's simply too exciting to be missed. So much so that I requested to fly back yesterday so that I get to vote today and of course, so that I get to see the results of our General Elections as well! Really looking forward to the results later, especially the 4 most exciting Constituencies - Hougang SMC, Potong Pasir SMC, Bishan - Toa Payoh GRC and Aljunied GRC.

I wonder what time will the results be announced? I can't wait to see it!!
Looking at the TV's live cast, it's amazing to see so many people at the stadiums where the results of that constituencies will be announced at! They even extended the operational hours of our MRT! It feels like those holidays where there are lots of celebrations so must extend MRT operating hours. :) After all such things only happens once every five years!