♥ Ru on Monday, May 2, 2011

Our General Elections & My Comments

Singapore's General Elections only comes about once every 5 years. Interestingly, it's only during this period where there's no parliament that we can see certain things:
  • We will receive GST Offset related Growth Dividend Payout just before the election (thank you for that and it does help)
  • The very crowded rallies from the opposition (even the traffic police are involved just to direct the traffic as traffic lights no longer serve their functions.)
    The massive supporters from all over Singapore (WP Rally)
  • Promises from various parties on how they aim to improve our lives (of which, I'm still wondering.. How much of all that actually came true? But perhaps it's just the economic downturn that caused some issues.) 
Here's my feelings and comments on the elections:

  • With the amazing turnout rate our oppositions since last election, there are so many people turning up at those rally but why didn't they win?
  • As a commoner, all that I wanted was for Singapore to become better and for my life as a middle income class to become easier and better.
  • I wonder if there is a channel for us to give our feedback publicly and have them addressed publicly as well? (We'll feel very heard that way and this channel must be publicized and announced so that we all know about it.)
  • About our GST, why can't we have this scheme instead?
    • 3% GST for necessities / essentials (e.g. lower grade raw food, cooking oil and the gas we used for our stove, or are we supposed to be using charcoal for cooking instead? And of course our public transport and polyclinics)
    • 5% GST for normal products (e.g. normal grade raw food, restaurant with average spending of about $15 per person, normal GPs, unless we are not supposed to fall sick at all, etc)
    • 7%  GST for higher grade products but are not labeled as luxuries yet (e.g. anything where the average price of clothing items is still below $100 - $150)
    • 10% tax for luxuries (e.g. LV, coach, and other expensive brands which people buy only when they can afford it more?)
  • About our transport:
    • If the amount of COEs has been reduced to control the number of cars we have and petrol prices allowed rise all the time, why is it that our public transport hasn't gone down in prices yet?
  • Why is our property prices controlled by supply and demand? (the comment from one of my colleagues make so much sense...)
    • The supply is limited by the amount of properties that our HDB or private developers are building (controlled by the amount of land they can use for such purposes)
    • The demands from existing citizens as well as the increased demands from our new PRs and Citizens as well
    • Why is it that even with so many measures curbing the property prices, the prices didn't seem to have dropped much? (was it just unrealistic expectations? or why didn't anyone tell us that the property prices are expected to come down or something? There are regulations but why is there no forecast on how much the regulations wanted the curb the prices by?)
PS: After writing all these, I wonder, is it really alright to write about my comments and feedbacks?


  1. Ru, is good for you to make your own comments from the bottom of your heart at the coming GE.