♥ Ru on Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Weekend @ World Pranic Healers' Convention!

World Pranic Healers' Convention!
Attended the World Pranic Healers' Convention last weekend, perhaps it was fate that I ended up there. All thanks to the invitation of my numerology course's master. 

I should say that it's pretty interesting to know that we can actually feel the amount of energy that we are transmitting to others if we are angry with them, and we can even feel how much energy they are transmitting to us as well. The surprising part is that, it's really easy to feel that and perhaps that's the only thing that I can feel during the course as I wasn't actually trained to feel energy. Also, we learnt that by letting go and forgiving others which had been taught in some other inspiring courses that I've attended, does help in reducing the density of the energy that we are transmitting out.
Do you know that most of us, should we ever be angry with others, actually, we are transmitting out more negativity energy to them than from them to us and such energy does cause a vicious cycle and hence get returned to us, making us more upset / angry. Plus, forgiveness and letting go is the only  solution to this issue! Interesting isn't it? Especially so if you can feel the amount of energy that's present.

Also, there's this portion on the prosperity wallet which does reminds me of some of the inspirational / motivational courses that I've attended. Usually they ask us to set goals and write cheques to ourselves. With the date and goals set to achieve it. In this convention, we wrote cheques to each other and I've learnt that the more generous I'm in writing those cheques, the more prosperous I'd feel. As after writing the first 2 $1million dollar cheques to people around me, I got back around $20K and $100K. After I continued to still write the same amount to everyone, I've met more generous people that wrote cheques of multi-millions to even $10 Billion dollars. Wow! There's this lady I met that wrote $10 Billion dollars cheques to everyone as she feels good doing it.
That's my Prosperity Wallet &
Cheques from the Prosperity Bank!
At the end of the session, I've decided to write one for dear as well just to share the good feeling haha.. After all, I really feel very good and prosperous to be able to bless others with my cheques although it doesn't actually cost anything to me. But rather the thought that counts.
The Spiritual Essence of Man
Then that's the Spiritual Essence of Man book that I've bought from the Convention as it looks pretty interesting. As it is in full color, it does cost quite a bit but I still bought it. The contents is really interesting and educational. 

I've a friend that says she can feel that my energy now feels different. It feels a lot more corporate and less entrepreneurial. It does set me thinking, is this what I really wanted in my life? Hence, it's time to do re-planning of my life again and setting new milestones so that I can eventually still meet the same goal which I've set up earlier this year. It wasn't about giving up the goals but rather how can I work from my current situation and still achieve the things I'd love to achieve in life? :D

So Jia You my friends! All the best! As long as we don't give up, there'll be a day that we can still reach our destination. After all, there can be many path to the same place, not just 1 straight path. "Where there's a will, there's certainly a way!"