♥ Ru on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe - 1 for 1 Baked Main Course

Charlie Brown Cafe's Logo
Last Sunday, we went to the Charlie Brown Cafe for dinner as I've heard that their ice cream is nice. There was a UOB 1 for 1 promotion for the Baked Main Course so we decided to give those items a try...
The Beef Lasagna that didn't taste very nice..

The Hawaii Baked Rice with a "Medium Rare" rice.
Well, if you noticed, that's the term used on Steaks
but for this, I find it a pretty matching description myself.
Anyway, it tasted worse off than the Beef Lasagna. LOL!
From what I've noticed, most of the people ordered other food. Was wondering if I should give them another chance and try out their other menu or just not eat dinner there anymore?

Luckily, the ice cream is really not bad and it tasted as per my friend's description in her recommendation. Perhaps, there's a reason why she didn't recommend dinner but only ice cream. :P