♥ Ru on Monday, June 27, 2011

Exaggerating Dinner Gathering with Friends

Exactly 10 days ago, we had our dinner gathering at Ah Seah porridge. I can't believe we spent like close to $50 for the dinner with just 4 of us! Most amazingly, we ate a total of 11 dishes. Here's what happened...

When we first reached, there's only 3 of us, so we ordered a duck meat and 5 other dishes with porridge. After that, our good friend arrived and ordered another 5 dishes, as if there's no tomorrow! Super kua zhang, first time in my life that I ate so many dishes in 1 meat with just 4 people and at a coffee shop. LOL
After that, we went to Debbie's house for chit chat session and some drinks. Well, I had my Bailey's as usual. Here's 2 glass, guess which is mine :P
We also had some cheese as finger food!
Somehow, we managed to finish up the entire bottle, actually, there should be only half of the bottle or less that's left, at least I think so. About 5 glasses in total (see the 2 glasses on top).
Well, I didn't drink a lot, only 2 glasses :) After that, my friend can still continue with her white wine or something, unbelievable!