♥ Ru on Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fireworks @ Shaw Tower

Actually fireworks is something that we can get to see pretty often every sat (since 18th Jun that I first saw it) until our national day! Happened to see it on the 18th Jun but the very last bit of it.. So on the 25th Jun, my bf saw some people standing around at the edge of the floor, looking at something, then he recalled that it was the fireworks. 
Luckily, it hasn't started so I managed to take some photos of it and watch it. There's quite a long gap of about 5 mins or so in between the 15 mins session. It's like after watching 5 mins then it looks like there's no more fireworks, so we took a lift to the 11th floor or something only to see the following screen. Since there are people still waiting for it and taking photos / videos, we waited for a while more and it really start again for another 5mins or so. After that those people started packing up...

The conclusion is that the duration of the fireworks should be about 15 mins with a about 5 mins break in between, starting from 8pm. :) Other than the Shaw Tower, there are quite a number of places where you can view it from. Here, we can see the higher ones but not the lower fireworks as they are blocked by the tall buildings.