♥ Ru on Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ma Maison Restaurant, Nice Ambiance but only the soup is nice :P

The ambiance of the restaurant is pretty good given the soothing music and interior design. The nicest food I had there was the Clam Chowder! I liked the design of the key tab too. The Spaghetti was not bad too. The only issue with the food there is that all the meat seems to be overcooked somehow, especially the beef butter rice. If you've eaten well done beef, I'd describe this one as overdone. It's one of the hardest that I've ever eaten so far. OMG! 

Lesson learnt: if you do visit the Ma Maison Restaurant at Bugis Junction, only try their soup 'cos that's the best food there :) Or you can try vegetarian stuff or just their egg 'cos the egg is nice too. Anything with meat, that includes the hotdog, try to avoid. :P