♥ Ru on Monday, June 13, 2011

New Pizza Hut Menu - Nice :)

Captain's Catch:
Dressed with honey dill mayonnaise and mozzarella cheese,
topped up with fried fish bites with sour cream, onion and
potato chips. It's an interesting combination that's certainly
worth the try!
Turkey Bacon 'N' Shrooms:
An abundant combination of turkey bacon chunks, roasted
chicken, button mushrooms, fresh pineapples, and red
capsicums dressed in tangy salsa sauce. A very flavorful
Tried the above 2 new Pizzas from Pizza Hut in around end of may. LOL! That's such a long time ago, isn't it? Just that.. Recently, things are so happening and exciting that I just had the time to update my blog again today! I missed the good old days of being able to blog during my leisure time. Hopefully, I'll be able to have more time and start blogging again :D